Illustrated Torah Scroll

Dear Rachel:

During the almost four years that our congregation has owned our Illustrated Torah, we have been enriched by it in many ways. It is displayed in our lobby and the parasha is changed weekly. A copy of the Illustrated Torah book is available with it. Our Religious School students use it to identify themes in the weekly portion. Each Simchat Torah, we set up tables across the length of our Social Hall and unroll it. Our 8th, 9th and 10th grade students engage in a Torah search. They are given a list of things to find in the scroll. Students and parents look forward to the unrolling every year. We greatly anticipate being able to access the online curriculum to assist us in using the scroll even more effectively.

Your truly,
Harvey J. Winokur, Rabbi Kehillat Chaim Rosewell GA

I have long been a fan of Michal Meron’s artwork after finding her studio during my first year of HUC-JIR in Israel . When I happened upon the parshiot at an URJ Biennial years ago, I became a collector. For over a decade, I have had pieces of her Torah portion collection hang on my wall, many chosen to represent special moments or portions in my life. When the Illustrated Torah, as a complete scroll, became available, I jumped at the chance to purchase this item for my congregation. Congregation Shalom, in Milwaukee , purchased the scroll with the use of our Education Fund and began the Illustrated Torah fundraising campaign. Not only were we able to offer dedications in our “Book of the Illustrated Torah”, but combined it with a program to purchase prints of particular portions in conjunction with life-cycle events and other important moments in the life of congregants and congregation. We were also able to use the scroll as a teaching tool in the various areas of life-long learning in the congregation. The scroll continues to be displayed prominently in our school foyer and is rotated each week to display the portion of the week. Classes and teachers are able to use the scroll for important teaching moments and even to consider the role of interpretation, through art, of our Torah.

Additionally, but something important, the scroll is quite durable and can handle young hands touching it and is perfect for “wrapping” a class in the Torah. As I made my move to United Hebrew in St. Louis , this summer, I lamented about leaving the Illustrated Torah behind. Although I have my individual Torah portions hanging on the wall in my new office, I am eager to dedicate funds to the purchase of an Illustrated Torah scroll for my new congregation. I know how this scroll can be used effectively and powerfully for educational, spiritual, and even fundraising opportunities. Blessed with an active pre-school here, as well, I know there are even more ways in which the scroll can be used. I must also mention how wonderful Rachel Shaw and Alon Baker have been to work with over the years, as well. Communication is consistent and whenever I have needed a portion for a dedication immediately, they have been ready to help. The Illustrated Torah Scroll is a must have for any congregation, school, or Jewish institution.

Rabbi Roxanne J.S. Shapiro,
R.J.E. Rabbi – Educator United Hebrew Congregation, St. Louis

There’s more than meets the eye….
Ariella Moss Peterseil and Jeremy Pappas

When Phyllis and Ab Flatt generously offered to purchase the Illustrated Torah for camp we were so excited, but little did we know what a hit it would be this Kayitz! The Illustrated Torah is made by Israeli artist, Michal Meron.

When Phyllis and Ab Flatt generously offered to purchase the Illustrated Torah for camp we were so excited, but little did we know what a hit it would be this Kayitz! The Illustrated Torah is made by Israeli artist, Michal Meron. It is a non denominational program designed to teach each Parsha (Torah portion) using hands on learning and visualization. From the outside, it looks like a regular Sefer Torah, it is 40”x85”, but when you open it up, each Parsha is depicted by beautiful illustrations and chooses main themes and stories from the Parsha. It is fun, colorful and a truly amazing educational tool. As the creators of the Illustrated Torah say: “Jewish History (again) requires a generation to adopt new media and new methods of transmission. It is meant to reach out to the child and the child within the adult.” It has been used every Monday, Thursday and Shabbat in our younger edot and Tikvah. They rotate it between the Mekomot Tfillah, and have kids learn about the Parsha, learn how to go up to the Torah and learn the Brachot, ask them why they chose this story, create skits from the drawings and many more fun and engaging activities. It is truly amazing to see how a group of tired chanichim in the morning, transform into enthusiastic learners when the colorful Torah comes out of the Aron kodesh. The Flatts have generously agreed for us to use the Torah during the summer and it will be used by the “Robbins Hebrew Academy”, during the year. There is an online curriculum that accompanies the Torah that can be adapted to all ages. Our long time head of Omanut (Arts and Crafts) Nira Mueller, made a beautiful cover for the Torah. The quote she chose on the front says “The Torah is like the pupil of my eye”. In this generation, with so many Visual learners, this has been a true gift to everyone at the Machane to make the Torah their own and speak a language that extends beyond words and connects us to our heritage of over 5000 years.

Rabbi Michael Wolf Camp Ramah Canada

Dear Michal, From the minute I saw The Illustrated Torah Scroll hanging in an art gallery in Venice I knew it was an addition I had to have in the nursery school. Through money I had raised selling school lunches, I was able to purchase the Torah and I have to say it has been a joy to myself, my staff and especially to the nursery school students. Each Friday morning the children gather around the Torah, say the blessing and then listen very very carefully as I talk about the week’s Parsha. The Torah is hanging in the hallway and for the rest of the day, and continuing the following week, the children pass by and really look at the illustrations. I often hear two or more children “discussing” the portion while looking together at the illustrations. It is with pleasure and a true sense of enthusiasm that I look forward to sharing the Torah with my students week after week, year after year.
Thank you for creating something so awesome!

Debbie Zamoiski
Temple Sinai Nursery School

The first time we saw the visual torah, we knew that this was something that we wanted to be able to share with our students who learn differently. The vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations bring their own life into the stories, opening the imagination of those who in the past may have stared at letters on a page. We found it to be a wonderful fundraising opportunity, even during this difficult economic time. It provided a lasting way to pay tribute to loved ones, which gave our donors a gift in return for their generosity of supporting our organization. The beauty of this torah is not only visual, but in knowing that it will be part of our community to teach generations to come.

The Amit Program, Atlanta, GA
Karen Botnick Paz
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